Saturday, November 17, 2012

On Passing Away of Dear Friends

It is appalling how few in the print media take the liberty nowadays to print quotes that spring from the imagination of the scribe. It shocked me and Saira to read newspaper reports with imaginary quotes from Saira about plans to celebrate my birthday!  We have yet to recover from the shock of the passing away of my dear friend Yash Chopra who was by my side when I blew away the candles on my birthday cake last year and stayed on till the wee hours, sharing the family’s happiness. 

We are deeply grieving the passing of Balasaheb Thackeray who I always thought was not a Tiger but a Lion. He had the virtues of a lion. We will cherish in our memories the lively evenings at his home when we smoothened out our differences over cups of strong masala tea. I found him extremely sensitive on occasions, especially during the days Sunil Dutt was going from pillar to post to get justice for his son Sanjay. Balasaheb’s response was that of a father who understood a father’s desperation to save his son. We pray for Balasaheb’s family, especially for his son Uddhav, to derive strength from the Almighty to bear the irreparable loss. 

Rajesh Khanna who was with us at our party last year is no more with us. And Dara Singh who wished me so warmly on my birthday last year is not with us anymore.  A friend I am missing is NKP Salve, a stalwart of the Indian National Congress, who shared my love for the game of cricket and initiated me into the legalities of taxation with his command over Law and Accountancy.   

With so many dear friends gone this year, how can we even think of a celebration?


  1. I think you have deep love for all human beings. The year has taken more valuable souls from us.We hope remaining would be well for coming year 2013.

  2. Got tears in my eyes while reading your post. You are one of the very very few ppl v have in this world , if followed PEACE will flourish all around us. Kitni bhi aapki tareef karloo bahot kum hai. Aap jiye hazaaro saal bus yehi humari dua hai Allah se n Sairaji u r an ultimate example of an ideal wife. Pls do take care of urself n Sahab's. Love u both very much.

  3. Dilip I'm sorry here. We cannot sympathise with a person who always spread hatred in life. Bal Thackeray always vented anger. First with south india he said "Uthao Lungi Bajo Pungi". He went after Gujrati, marwari community and then angered North Indians when he said UP and Bihari bhaiyas are like gutter rats and said ek bihari sau bimari. In 70's he said muslims are like cancer when he knew 99% of muslims are peace loving. He said hindu people should develop suicide bombs to counter islam terrorism. In 1993 he said Shiv Sainiks are proud to defeat muslims during babri. Such person cannot go anywhere except DOSAK and hell. May his soul burn in hell

    1. I m agree with you what you stated against Bal Thakuray. But dilip kumar's opinion is his personal state of experience which has nothing to do with others experiences. Bal Thakuray proved to be bone of contention.

  4. Sameer - we cannot wish any one dosak or hell - Allah is most forgiving - surely let Allah be the judge not a human being such as me or you.There is a saying let truth prevail and surely every human being who departs will go through a balance check in God's kingdom and ultimately Allah will decide- what Dilip Kumar has done is stated facts and expressed condolences to the family- nothing wrong with that.

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  6. Dilip sir, My father MOhammed Zubair is a biggest fan of urs. He use to be in mumbai in earlier days of his life now we are settled in Saudi Arabia. He is always having a wish to meet you one day. Is it possible sir to meet you? This is his dreams from past 50+ years. I am also your very big fan. I love your style and were, you are and you will be the best. I would love to see you in at least one more movie.May allah bless you with good health and give you long and healthy life...Ameen. Please reply sir.....thank you so much. Fayaz

  7. Respected Sir,

    You are not a legend in cine world but also a true human who forgive his revivals, this is true teaching of Islam, I really appreciate your character and pray for your long and healthy life.

    1. correction- revivals typed by mistake actually it meant for political rivals- tks

  8. As Mahatma Gandhi said" Who is Hindu and who is Muslim when there is Ram in Ramzan and Ali in Diwali" you very rightly are a gifted human being par excellence
    You have the decency to value and cherish friends as a perfect gentleman, besides being the finest actors the Indian Cinema industry has ever created.
    May God bless you with many more Birthdays to come and may you enjoy the bliss and joy each and every day as if it was your Birthday.

  9. Dilip Sir, this is simply your greatness and generosity that you have rightly expressed your condolence on the death of one of the most feared enemy of Indian muslims as well as north Indians. You followed the path of Prophet Mohammad who chose to visit the old woman who used to throw garbage on his head from the roof of her house, when she fell ill. God bless you Sir, and grant you a long and healthy life. Ameen

    1. This is the real greatness of the greatest artist of the Bollywood.

  10. please sir do read it..its for you ..thanks

  11. Dear and Respected Dilip Saheb,

    I am deeply moved by your thoughts and sincere feelings toward other actors.

    I would like to visit you and touch your holy feet, and get your blessings.

    With best regards

    Your's ardent fan...
    Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma
    Slough - United Kingdom

  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Sir.

  13. God bless you sir..didnt know you had a blog..

  14. Nice to read your blog..... God bless you Dilip Sir... Hats off! Love you so much...

  15. assalam o alaikum sir,
    plz do consider joining fb. many teeenagers like me miss u . came to know abt this blog only through amitabh bacchanji's status. couldnt believe at firsst. plz do consder.


    Dilip Sb., I'm Marketing Manager with a multinational hospital in Pakistan. But Whenever I find some free time out of my busy routine, I never miss a chance to sing songs of your time on my harmonium. I would like to pay share in purchase of your house at Peshawar. This is my love for you being your fan.

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  18. Assalamo Alaycum ******* Umrah Mubarak******

  19. Respected Yusuf Saheb, Salams;
    my journey from Tweeter to yr Blog!I found late but still better..I am pleased to talk to you, its a dream: now rewinding stray meetings:1970,Ghalib Centenary @Delhi..yr speech"We are celebrating Ghalib but Urdu's.." later from behind the stage calling me" Zara Sager Suri kai driver ko idher bhej do!"
    1984 @ Delhi when you narrated Rampuri-accent before Dr. Farooq Abdullah, RNR Gandhi, our Balli ji, Siddiqui saheb and CEAT-team!
    Kardar saheb giving explanations to SM Saeed saheb and Dr. Hamid saheb winking,Sardar Akhtar enjoying!
    All have gone to retiring- room & waiting for the next stage of life to stand before our greatest Khaliq ALLAHswt!I pray you have long life with Ieman and physical- strength and He may never leave you on Insan( Aap ko ALLAH insano ki Mohtajgi sai mehfooz rakhai aur Apna Muhtaj banai)..Ameen! A thought on what I found in this world, so far:
    1."It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default."
    2. During our life, everything that we do and everyone we meet rub off in some way… Some bit of everything we experience stays with every-one we have ever known; and feel nothing is lost. That is what's eternal, these little specks of experience in a great; enormous river that has no end....

    3. Great to see U &I admired a force radiating from your smile.. innocence, a jewel of creativity... Masha ALLAH !
    4. O wonder!How many goodly Creatures are there here!
    How beauteous mankind is ! O brave new world, that has such people in it.
    W. Shakespeare
    5. The sea of life has its ebb and flow;
    In every atom's heart is the pulse of life;
    It manifests itself in the body,
    As a flame conceals a wave of smoke !
    M.Jawed. K. Shervani.
    N.B. I wished to see you here but... inshaALLAH, next time!

    1. So well written, it got tears in my eyes....specially your thoughts about this world!!

    2. Jawed Sahab, Assalamo Alaycum******** You wrote very nice using beautiful words specially ur sentence " Allah aap ko Insaano ki Mohtajgi se Mehfooz rakhe" i will say here that Allah sab ko Insaano ki Mohtajgi se Mehfooz rakhe****Ameen
      Duon ka talabgar "Wasi"

  20. Yusuf Saheb,
    On this backgrounder..Photograph: you & Saira apa; I tweeted on 13th instant that:
    "@TheDilipKumar Yusuf Saheb, MashaALLAH..
    yeh Saidani ka jadoo hai! Kahan hum log ( Pathans) kahan yeh: AhelaE-Bait!"
    Yes- Allama Iqbal felt on occasions like this:
    Woh Maiy jis sai Roshan zamierE Hayat!
    Woh Maiy jissai hai mustiE kaynat!
    Utha Saqiya perdah ous raaz sai!
    Aaplogon ki Dua ka Talabgar,

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