Friday, February 8, 2013

Vyjayntimala stopped by to say Hello.

Vyjayantimala was in Mumbai few days ago and it was a pleasure when she kept her promise to Saira and dropped in on a Sunday. Between her and Saira, who now addresses her as ‘Akka’ (elder sister in Tamil) there is an understanding that she will not skip visiting us when she is in the city and if she does she will have to pay a fine of one lakh rupees! They have their own mutual  bonding and Saira has great respect for Vyjayanti as a dancer and actress.

 It was a wonderful afternoon at our home when Vyjayanti met Saira’s grandniece Sayesha who is learning Kathak and Oddissi from renowned gurus and is blossoming into a beauty like her aunt and of course her grandmother Naseem Banu. 

As always we reminisced the days when we worked together in such memorable films as Devdas, Ganga Jamuna, Madhumati and Naya Daur. Actually we have a tally of seven films (if I am not mistaken) together and each had its significance for film lovers. Among my heroines she was the one who worked as hard and as diligently as I did on the scenes and dialogue. Especially Ganga Jamuna in which she had to speak a mixed dialect of Bihar with ease and familiarity. Being a South Indian she had wrinkled her brow at first when she heard me speak the language but her characteristic determination came to the fore and she delivered her lines with admirable confidence .It does not surprise me at all that she still gives Bharata Natyam recitals of two hours duration in Chennai. That’s her spirit and grit!


  1. An epitome of grace and humility . They dont make men like him anymore. God bless ! Would love to hear him recite an English poem by Dylan Thomas - "Do not go gentle into that good night "

  2. Dilip Kumar Sir
    Generation like me r so lucky to have you among us Sir

  3. as salam u alekum saahab. wonderful blog sir. my favourite movie is madhumati.

  4. Good to know that you are happy. Wish you good health.

  5. I am your big admirer sir , God bless you .My favs r Aan , Admi , Mughale azam and ganga jamna .

  6. A very few films by Dilip sb I missed in my life.

  7. He is the only sun of Bollywood who gives light to other one can act like this living legend Dilip Kumar...May Allah keep you in good health..Ameen

  8. Dear Yusuf Uncle,
    I am writing this on the behalf of my father. He is a retired lecturer in English and an ex Principal of a prominent Intermediate College of Lucknow. He is crazy about Cinema and his idol Dilip Kumar. He spends his time watching movies and is not interested in computers.So he has asked me to type this for him.
    He says -
    Dear Yusuf Saheb,
    How does one address one's Matinee Idol;for you are very personal to me, and not just Dilip Kemar. I am fond of telling my children that another 5 centuries would pass by,and a better actor would not be born on the face of this earth. Performance wise you are the unique accomplishment of 150yrs of Indian Cinema. To prove my point, I mention just one performance of yours: Devdas. Every other portrayal of the character is a mime. I wonder why did they even attempted after you.
    I was but an infant when I saw my first movie that I could comprehend. It was "Jugnoo" for months I could not erase that image off my mind - you lying dead, with waves of water rolling across your bleeding face. It was only when they showed me another movie starring you that I could be comfortable assured that you were alive and kicking. That romance is still alive.
    How would I have grown up with an inferior actor thus encountered as a child? They never grow!Encourage me Sir, with an acknowledgement to say some more for my sake not yours. I have so much to say so much to tell you. Please do reply Sir. Thanks - Mr.Christopher Dass.
    (Father of Archana Dass)

  9. You Sir, are the best there ever was!!

  10. It is a matter of plain humility when you praise Vyjantimala for her picking up the Bihari accent in Gunga Jamuna,while you spoke it as if you were born there.
    This shows the power of a thespian to mould in any character and support their co- stars to deliver their very best.

    An avid fan of yours from Kirkee when you were the Aundh Canteen owner till todate I have the highest respects for you a versatile actor and above all a gentleman par excellence in every sense of the word,
    May God give you perpetual health and bliss.
    Sohrab Irani

  11. greatest actor ever. amongst the giants of cinema marlon brando,peter o toole'al pacino.dilip saab stands tall.

  12. Each movie of you both is a text book ; my favorite is ganga jamuna , leader n nay a daur. U both were hilarious in leader n romantic to the core in the Taj song ek shahhensha be banva me ... Amazing song n great friendship. Allah asp ko inhi khushiyon she nawaze


  13. Respected Saira Bhabi & Yusuf Sahab*******
    These days we are very much concern about Yusuf Sahab's health. Prayers for quick recovery, get well soon and back at home from hospital shortly Inshallah.
    This is really exam time for you. you will have to pay special attention to " Our Yusuf Sahab" and we are sure you will.
    Respected Bhabi we request you for please care your self too as " is mushkil waqt mai Yusuf Sahab ko aapki bahut zaroorat hai"
    We also request you to please please at least once in a week give us health updates of Yusuf Sahab on twitter in behalf of him.
    ******* Duayen from all over the world for a quick recovery and always "Sehayabi" for Yusuf Sahab******* INSHALLAH.

  14. I wrote this comment to one Mr Nasir, a few minutes ago on his Blog.

    "I hope I am not going to offend you if I write the truth about my feelings regarding "Dilip Kumar" - Yusuf Khan. Out of all the actors I have watched in films produced in many countries: Russia, Italy, France, the UK, the US and Honkong, my best actor has always been Dilip Kumar, who had the style of a Marlon Brando, but only until Sagina when I felt so disgusted with that film and at the very bad quality of his roles that I stopped altogether watching his films.

    I tried a few times again, and I was more and more disappointed at not only his very poor acting, but also about his Hinduised manners (like most Indian actors and actresses - 99.9%!), and his boot-licking attitude regarding the racist "Hindu" government and institutions.

    What made me more disgusted with him was that he showed no interest in Islam at all in all the films I watched by him - as if he was scared to show himself as a Muslim, or as if he was not a Muslim at all, and made no film to show Muslims or Islam in their proper light - not even once.

    My paternal ancestors come from Bihar and they were massacred by the British. Looks like that on the maternal side they come from Surat. My wife's ancestors come from Kokand.

    I hope Mr Yusuf Khan can handle the truth!

    I sincerely love him, his diction, manners, in his old films, but I do not idolize him! To this day he remains my greatest actor and human being until Sagina!

    Kind regards
    Basheer Ahmad Frémaux-Soormally

  15. Having said that, I wish all the best to Mr Yusuf Khan and his loved ones. I never hoped that at the age of 67 I would stumble on his Blog. All is thanks to Mr Nasir.

    I have also great respect for his age.

    Kind Regards
    Basheer Ahmad Frémaux-Soormally

  16. Sultane Adakari "Dilip Kumar" ko Yome Paidaish pe Bahut Dher Saari *"*"*"*"*"Mubarakbad"*"*"*"*"*"

  17. I was but a teenager in the 60s and have over the years watched and admired Mr Dilip Kumar's wonderful performances. It is only recently that I stumbled upon his many interviews, and as a bharatanatyam dancer and barrister myself I realise what a terrific lawyer he would have made! His keen intellect, learning and strength of character comes shining through in all his interviews and speeches. What a great pity that I may never have the chance to meet him in person though wishful thinking makes me want not to rule it out altogether. Best wishes always to you and your gorgeous wife Dilip Saab for a healthy and joyous life. Chandra

  18. On the subject of Dr Vyjantimala Bali I would like to share my experience. For the past two decades I have had the good fortune of attending many bharatanatyam recitals of hers, each one better than the other. Her most recent dance ballet "Krishna Janamam" that she presented in December 2013 in Chennai was truly outstanding.

    As a bharatanatyam artist myself what I admire most in her is her unstinting devotion and sincerity to the art. A few years ago at Narada Gana Sabha in Chennai I was present in the audience during a performance when she slipped on stage and had a bad fall. She got up, recovered quickly, indicated to her orchestra to repeat the song and "bol" from where she left off and continued in perfect "tal". The respect that she showed the art and the audience was most impressive.

    This is true also when she herself attends classical musical concerts. She never comes late (coming late is btw a VIP phenomenon in India!), always stays until the end and congratulates the main and accompanying artists before she leaves. A recent example is Sanjay Subramnayam's uplifting classical music concert that she attended in December 2013 at Bharat Kalachar which I also was blessed to listen to.

    Dilip Saab all this is evidence of your observation about Vyjantimalaji's "spirit and grit". Its no wonder that both of you great artists made such a good team. Lucky Sayeesha to spend time in the company of such a dancer.
    Best wishes, Chandra

  19. Dear, Dilip kumar, you are inspiring,
    i love you i am your huge fan i love you in ram and sham and shakti and your movies with vijayantimala i am from iran i pray for you every day when i pray for my dady sickness god bless u i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dilip kumar please send me an email
    hope the Almighty grants you a long and healthy life full of peace and joy, May the Almighty grant you and Sairaji all
    you are the best

  20. Aoa sir...... My father was a big fan of urs..... Growing up I have watched all ur movies and sung all ur songs wd my father... He was the one who made me a big fan of black and white movies and u.....I had a bigggggg crush on u hehehe.... U r the smartest person on earth.....May Allah bless u wd lots of happiness and a long healthy life.... My father is not wd us anymore but when I listen to ur songs it brings back the childhood memories..... And I feel as if my father is wd me and we are listening to ur songs.....I loved my father a lot and just wanted to let u know that he was a big fan of urs .... This is my way of telling him that I miss him a lot..... May Allah bless my father and give him highest place in jannah.... Ameen..... Lots of prayers for u and ur lovely wife..... Regards..... Ur fan from Pakistan

  21. Will wait for ur reply sir.... Thanks

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  23. Dilip Kumar,a Nobel person.GOD bless him.

  24. Is good dilip Kumar sahab good

  25. Great.Seeing vyjantimala Ji and Dalip Sahab of course with Saira Ji ..a great treat to our eyes. God bless you all.🌼🌺💐

  26. We love you Saab.. May Allah gives good health always