Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On Lifecasting, Cinema and Memories

Had an interesting experience a few days ago. I had read of lifecasting used by sculptors to achieve accuracy in creating statues and busts in museums and by special effects conjurers in cinema for creating dummies in scenes requiring perilous stunts by the actors. 

Last week, Riteish Deshmukh, my dear friend Vilasrao Deshmukh’s talented son, visited us with his lifecasting expert to get impressions of my hands and Saira’s hands which will be in a museum he proposes to have for cinema lovers. The alginate mixture poured into trays reminded me of the mixture I used to see in a bakery in Poona years ago where I used to drop in to buy my favourite biscuits during my first ever stay away from my family in the early 1940s.

It took only a quarter of an hour for the team to get the mixture ready and get our hands imprinted on the mould which I am told will be imaged on metal for display in the museum. It is Riteish’s brain child and it is his way of telling those of us who spent the best years of our lives entertaining and, hopefully, impacting people’s minds through our films, that our hard work and contributions to the growth of the medium have not been in vain.

I have heard from my family about Riteish’s gift for excelling in comedy. I have known him for some years now as a well bred young man doing his parents proud. I hope to be at his wedding on February 3 and share the Deshmukh family’s  happiness on the occasion.

Video is attached with this.



  1. Asalam-o-Alikum Uncle,
    I love reading your blog and the memories that you share with all of us. There is so much one can learn from just reading your thoughts and the memories you talk about. I was born and raised in Pakistan and have always heard people around me talk about you, your family as well as your visits to Pakistan after the partition. I think it's amazing that you continue to inspire and bring the both countries together through your work.

    Lots of love and duas to you and Saira aunty. May Allah (swt) bless you and always keep you happy and healthy together.

  2. Sir Dilip,
    This is a good idea from Riteish.

    Sir you should make a (video Diary) for people its like you record your life story on a camera in which you can show your old still photos with your story.

    Allah app ko khush rakhe.

    Rizwan Zafar.

  3. U should b more frequent on blog sir, would love to read the journey of u from Yusuf to DK, who better than U anchor it :), wish u great health

  4. Los ~ Angeles has STAR imprints & INDIA is gaining glorious place among the world due to the progress in all aspects of Indian life & the wonderful people.
    Shukriya , for the video , It is lovely to see delicate hands of Sairaji as she holds your hands. The BOND of LOVE between you is evident. God Bless you both Yusuf Uncle. You are so precious.
    - Lavanya
    [ I am Daughter of Late Pandit Narendra Sharma ]
    warm regards ,
    from Phoenix, Arizona USA

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  6. Assalamualaikum Dilip Sahab,

    Very nice video.

    It was high time someone realized that we needed a Hall of Fame for Bollywood and am glad Riteish has taken the first step towards this gargantuan task. I only wish they had thought of it before we lost so many legends of our cinema...

    Nonetheless, I am glad to see impressions of your hands being saved from the callous killer called Time. Certainly for someone who has left the most indelible footprint on the silver screen it must have felt like life has come a full circle...:-)


  7. Dilip Saheb, Masha Allah, the 'Noor' that you have got from Allah in your personality is increasing day by day. Hence, Riteish's effort will be a great sensation for your lovers whom you are a role model.
    Syed Imran

  8. Dear Dilip Kumar, two years ago thanks to the Internet, I discovered you and your movies. I'm from Czech Republic / former Czechoslovakia /, with us your movies are almost never seen. The first film I saw was the Mughal e Azam. Then I saw that many times and I still can look at it - and always pat. There have impressed me, your acting, so I started looking for more of your films. I have not seen perhaps 3, otherwise known to all, even though most of them were in the original version, it seems to me that they understand - and I started to learn Hindi to understand them better. I prefer / except Mughal / Azzad, Madhumati, Naya Daur, Ram aur Shyam, Kohinoor, Nadyia to Paar, Aan ... I wish you good health in the future and thank you very much. Mary

  9. Asslamualaikum Sir..

    I am very happy that you joined networking sites for your fans. Like everybody i also say i am your big fan but i want to meet you sir (Joggers Park where i can find you easily) and Insha-Allah i will.

    we love you sir, May Allah bless you (ameen summameen)

    Jazak-Allah for reading this comment, could not write something better becoz feeling very nervous as you will (insha-allah)read this.


    All the best. god bless

  10. I can not believe myself it is really happening. I often have day-dreamed meeting and having an imaginary chat with you. Thanks to internet today I am writing to you.

    I am from Kashmir at present I live in USA. I am a diehard fan of yours. Insha'Allah I will follow your posts ....

    May Allah bless you and your family with good health and great spirit. Ameen.

  11. Your handprints in the memory of time immemorial would remain for posterity to come
    May you and Sairaji always remain full of perpetual bliss and harmony which you so richly deserve.
    Your august and noble personality would remain etched in the memories of your diehard fans.
    Warm regards,
    Sohrab Irani

  12. As-salamo-alaikum sir
    I have seen this video on yotube.Thanx to Ritesh for making the memorable thing for cinema lover people and obiously many many thanx to you sir.I have wached many videos and documetries on your speech and also read about you and your social work.Mainly to make a friendly relationship between India and Pakistan.Ye saab dekhne aur padne ke baad mujhe to ye maloom hua hai ke aap ek bahoot hi bade dilke inssan hain jiski jarrorat hum sabko hai is pure samaj ko hai.Sath hi main aapke begam saheba Saira ji ka bhi sukur gujar hu,jinhone apka har waqt mai saath nivaye hain.Saath mein aap dono ka aur allla ak bhi sukur gujar hu ke aap dono ki jodi itne dino tak chalta aa raha hai,duya karta hu ke aage bhi chalta rahe.Allah se yehi dooya mangta hoo k aa dono lambe arso tak jiye aur har kwahis pure ho.
    I am a diehard fan of u from childhood though now I am 23yrs,a student,I searching for job but till now I am unemploye.I am come from a middle class family,So I have realy need a job to continue my higher study.I regulerly watching ur alll type of movies,actualy I am watchig all type of old and new movies of bollywood hollywood nd other.But your movies r realy so different of all others.
    Aur antmain ek sad new bhi pata chala hai than Ritesh's father is no more.....khair jo bhi saabko to ek din ye duniya chodke jana hi hai.I a,realy so hert on this sad news.Alla unhe jannat main dakhil kare. As-salamo-alaikum.

  13. As-salamoalikum sir
    i belongs to peshawar(pakistan) and i am a big fan of u

  14. FRÉMAUX SOORMALLY on Youtube

    I would prefer to see Mr Yusuf Khan (Dilip Kumar) in SAJDA worshiping his Creator for once unless he is not a Muslim.

    Basheer Ahmad Frémaux-Soormally

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